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About Us

FrictionMagazine.com was started on the principle of free-thinkers creating their own media. Tired of the pretentious and uninspiring content found on the web and in print, creators Allen Harrison and Melissa Hostetler set off to create a home for independent culture and thought on the web.

Hailing from the midwest of all places, FrictionMagazine.com attempts to bring you all that is great and DIY in music, art, literature, culture, politics, and sports. The site is updated three times a month with interviews, articles, reviews, and commentary written by people like you -- people who can't stand mainstream culture and the zombies it creates.


Allen Harrison is responsible for the design of the site. Trained as a professional graphic designer at the University of Akron (Ohio), Allen has won awards for both his print and web work. Allen plays guitar in a metal band and can't wait for it to get warm so he can go fishing and practice his flatland tricks in the parking lot.

Melissa Hostetler graduated from Kent State University (Ohio) with degrees in journalism and political science. Before taking on FrictionMagazine.com full-time she explored the journalism profession through numerous internships including one at Mother Jones. Finding the opportunities available to her, she choose to take on a project of her own that would hopefully fill the void between pop culture and pretentious politics.


Dean Anderson is a "Pre-Lunar" Space-Ager, and is a graduate of both Bucknell University and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He is currently working on his first novel. He lives in New York City.

When Jon Allen draws he falls into a trance. The world of worries and concern drops out from underneath his feet as he gingerly float toward freedom. His education: the pen. Career goals: completion of unfinished work. Money? What could it mean when it does not exist.

Bob Aul is the drawing half of the team of Aul & Callahan. He is a regular contributor to Orange County, California's OC Weekly and his work has been published in many other alternative publications. Aul is currently at work on Start Lisping Today! -- a compilation of his cartoons.

Brett Bellas is a freelance graphic designer and musician living in San Francisco.

D.A. Blyler holds the unique distinction of being the only person expelled thrice from the graduate school at Appalachian State University (NC). He is the author of two books of poetry, Shared Solitude and Diary of a Seducer, as well as a contributing writer to such places as Salon, Exquisite Corpse, The Jack Jackman Project, G21, and Escape Artist Quarterly. A former creative writing teacher at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic, he now lives on a banana plantation in Thailand.

Winston Bracken is a photographer from another place trying to figure out the humanoid condition.

Katherine Brown is an action-movie junkie with certain standards, damnit, and editor of Reckon Magazine.

Nathan Callahan is a feature writer and humorist with the OC Weekly. His book Shut Up, Fag!: Quotations from the Files of Congressman Bob Dornan was a reference standard for the media and helped defeat America's most dangerous member of the House of Representatives. In March, 2002, McGregor Publishing will release Suburban Manners, a collection of Callahan's essays.

Kevin Carroll is a New York City illustrator and rabid Ramones fan who was lucky enough to see them over a dozen times, several at CBGB's.

Daniel Carter is a founding partner at The Eleventh Floor, a San Francisco-based design studio. Prior to that, he was the design director of Wired Magazine in San Francisco. Currently dividing his time between designing and illustrating. He is also writing and drawing a new comic book series entitled "Emmett Star."

Chris Ching is a pop culture obsessed web designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His greatest pride and shame is taking first prize in a Beatles convention trivia contest.

Brett Coker spends most his time writing, although not enough of it writing fiction. More of his time is spent writing resumes, cover letters, emails to friends, bios, signing guest books, filling out those damn warranty cards at Circuit City, etc. Like most Americans, he dreams of being someone else, and someday will be, though probably not the person he thinks. Brett lives in San Francisco with his girlfriend, the one person who reminds him that beauty still exists in the world. He hopes one day to write the Great American Novel in Spanish. But first he has to learn Spanish.

Alison Colby plays/lives/works in San Francisco. She wants to spend all her time drawing pictures, telling stories, dancing to house and trance, chillin' with friends, and laughing with my boyfriend. Alison likes to illustrate the small eccentricities of daily life in her comics.

Daniel J. Crowley is a freelance writer living in Bloomington, Ind. He writes frequently on issues relating to capital punishment.

Bruce Duncanson is 20 years old and currently finishing his sophomore year at Indiana University, where he is majoring in English and minoring in journalism. School and work are pretty all-consuming at the moment, but Bruce finds time to blow entirely too much money on hardcore punk records and attend as many shows as possible. After finishing school, he plans to travel around some with no set plans for afterwards. He doesn't believe in trying to map life out.

Adelaide Eldridge has earned a Master of Arts in Humanities. She is a freelance writer who would like to write more on deconstructing pop culture since it is intensely demoralizing to the millions who, unlike Brad Pitt, are not able to run over to Milan to view the latest Armani collection. So for the rest of us, find your power however you can. You may not be Brad Pitt, but you deserve power as much as he does.

Chrystene Ells is a digital artist and animator with a rich background in
fine arts, physical theatre, and puppetry. Her experience as a designer, illustrator, and concept artist includes two years of character concept design with Industrial Light and Magic (LucasFilms), and character design and fabrication for the films "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Monkeybone." Her award-winning puppeteering has been featured on national television, including Nike's "Li'l Penny" commercial campaign. She is also a director of short and feature length films, live theatre, and animations. You can see more of her animations and illustrations at tworatsfilms.com

Seth Friedman currently resides in San Francisco where he can be found sitting on the sidewalk and trying to get people to pay him five bucks to draw their picture. If you want your picture drawn send five bucks and a photo to logan4876@yahoo.com. If he'd played some sports in high school he might have gotten into a good college and be some big shot art director right now instead of a cheap hack.

Philip Golden is a writer and musician living in Portland, Oregon. Currently, he is working on his 3rd unpublished novel and playing in the rock band Mission to Mars. He is also looking for a way to pay the rent, if anyone has any ideas.

Wayne Grytting lives in Seattle, Wa. He has been active in politics since the '60s. After being tossed out of Reed College, he went off to Alaska and became a commercial fisherman, raised a daughter, two cats and a dog. He now teaches Special Ed. students and has recently gotten married. He enjoys mountain climbing, bicycling, building rock gardens and ponds, and practicing Zen meditation. He can be reached at wgrytt@scn.org.

Michael Gutierrez is a freelance writer based in Boston. He graduated last year (2000) from UCLA with a degree in history. Before UCLA, he attended five other universities, and worked for as many college papers. He is most proud of being only fired from two of them.

Lawrence Hagerty is an author and keynote speaker currently living in Southern California. Over the course of an eclectic career he practiced law in Texas, worked as an electrical engineer, and was a naval officer in Viet Nam. Mr. Hagerty is the author of the award-winning book, "The Spirit of the Internet." matrixmasters.com

Freelance writer Keith David Hamm spends his spare time fending off boredom by riding his skateboard inside empty swimming pools, riding his bicycle in heavy traffic, and traveling until he's broke. He's 30 and lives in Los Angeles. He can be reached at keithhamm@mindspring.com.

Brian F. Hartz is a graduate student at the Indiana University School of Journalism in Bloomington, Ind. He has written about the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility for In Business and thesynapse. Brian currently works as the ombudsman for the Indiana Daily Student.

Zachary Houle is a 25-year-old freelance journalist/fiction writer living in Ottawa. His work has been published in The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa City Magazine, Broken Pencil, Zygote and an upcoming issue of Kiss Machine.

Rama Hughes
was born here, on Earth. He loves is a lot. He loves drawing too. Visit ramahughes.com.

Ron Jacobs is an activist and writer who works in a library. He is the
author of The Way the Wind Blew:A History of the Weather Underground(Verso,1997)

Drew Jaya is a writer, musician and general media deconstructionist from Indonesia who lives in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has covered Indonesian politics for In These Times and film issues for Release Print. He is a graduate of UCLA, works for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab as a camera person from time to time, and runs a strange little company called FootPush Media that encourages people to think like kooks.

Peter Kuper's work has appeared in, among others, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Village Voice, and MAD, where he illustrates SPY vs. SPY. He has written and illustrated many books, including ComicsTrips, a journal of the artist's eight month journey through Africa and Southeast Asia. Other works include Stripped: An Unauthorized Autobiography, and The System, a wordless graphic novel. His most recent books include Topsy Turvy, a collection of his political comic strips Mind's Eye, an Eye of the Beholder collection and Speechless a coffee table art book covering his career to date.

Harmon Leon Harmon Leon is a comedian/writer living in San Francisco. He has also performed around the globe at the Edinburgh and Melbourne Comedy Festivals. Harmon has also written for Maxim, Details, Gear Cosmopolitan, Wired, Salon, Stuff, NPR, Salon, and National Geographic Traveler. He has a book coming out fall of 2002 called The Harmon Chronicles available from ECW Press.

Jeff Lindemyer was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minn. He attends UC Berkeley and recently finished an internship with US Senator Paul Wellstone. Jeff does freelance writing whenever possible.

Rosemarie Lion was born and raised in a small Austrian town. In 1986, she moved to the United States and obtained a BA in photojournalism from San Francisco State University. Her work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and books. She lives as a freelance photographer with her husband and 4-year-old son in San Francisco.

Scott London belongs to the growing ranks of hyphenated professionals -- people with splintered identities whose work, for better or worse, spans conventional boundaries. He works as an independent journalist, radio producer, interviewer, researcher, writer, translator, consultant and sometime club DJ. His cultural affairs program "Insight & Outlook" has been heard on many National Public Radio stations in the US and on Radio for Peace International. He lives in Southern California.

Michael Lorefice is a 2000 graduate of Colgate University, currently residing in Boston, just trying to make buck.

Josh Medsker is six feet tall, and weighs in at around 175 pounds. His work has appeared in the Anchorage Press, the San Francisco bay Guardian, Maximum Rock N' Roll, and many other fine publications. He is currently working as an American Mouth (english teacher) in Japan.

Steve Niva teaches International Politics and Middle East Studies at Evergreen State College. He writes regularly for Middle East Report and is an Associate at the Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) in Washington

Joshua E. Page, freelance copywriter and general advertising guru, has a flare for details. He holds a bachelor's from the University of Southern California and has attended law school. Joshua is an avid researcher in the area of intellectual property and the rights of advertisers on the marketplace. He has spent most his life in southern California and now lives in San Francisco where he works for a direct marketing and advertising agency.

Craig A. Platt is a graduate from Tulane University in New Orleans and currently lives in New York City where he is completing his first novel and a collection of short stories and poems. He is also constantly writing essays and critiques. He can be reached at captainpoetry@hotmail.com.

Alexander Martin Remollino is 24 years old and used to take up Legal Management at the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) but was forced to drop out for lack of funds. He presently works as a freelance writer and manuscript editor and joins political rallies in the Philippines every so often.

Palmer Saylor III is an artist, illustrator, writer, and musician residing in Scottsdale, Ariz. Palmer's online portfolio and other info can be found at palmersaylor.com.

Jason Schreurs, 28-year-old father of two -- Oliver, his 2 1/2-year-old son, and a baby is still in utero due late April 2001 with his wife, Lise -- has a degree in journalism and is an editor at a college newspaper in Victoria, BC, Canada. He did a zine called SCHtufff... from 1995 to '98, resulting in six issues. Jason writes reviews for Jersey Beat, Suburban Voice, Agree to Disagree, and surprise, FrictionMagazine.com. He's been down with punk rock/hardcore since 1987 and started listening to heavy metal in grade four when he was introduced to Black Sabbath -- it changed his life. Minor Threat was his first punk love and that, also, changed his life. Thanks Ozzy! Thanks Ian!

Hadley Scott is a Portland based freelance writer, who hopes all the gals who read this book are inspired to raise some hell.

Kate Sheofsky lives in the San Francisco Bay area where she works as a digital video editor. She is in pre-production on a short film she is producing and is working on her second feature-length screenplay. Kate is considering pursuring a masters in creative writing because it's the one degree more worthless than a BA in film/video.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Tony Soyka's background is from the swamps of Belarus, and his innumerable relatives living and brewing moonshine vodka there are like characters from an obscure Tolstoy novel. A musician, writer, and photographer currently living in Berkeley, Calif., his heart is in the wilds near Mt. Shasta, where he swears he's encountered Bigfoot on a remote mountain trail late one night. Visit his online photojournal that further describes these journeys.

Jeremy Waltman- Aritist/Writer who has worked in comics, magazines, and for various bands.

Joel Wendland is a peace activist in Michigan and Ohio and teaches in the Ethnic Studies Department at Bowling green State University.

Mark Whittaker watches "Sesame Street" every morning and listens to stoner/doom rock. He lives in San Francisco and is a fine cook, gardener, and Capricorn. Mark reads and watches movies a lot. He likes astronomy and eastern religion. He is an only child and drinks often. Mark has never been arrested. Writing found him.

D.M. Yankowski is a freelance writer and editor living in Washington, DC. His writing appears in Clamor magazine, LiP magazine, Caustic Truths Noizy Music Zine, and the DC Free Press. A strong advocate for independent and progressive media, he prefers engaged-journalism to the cautious simple-mindedness and fabricated objectivity so often found in today's mainstream press.

Kiho Yi graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1996. He has worked with several Seattle internet companies and is now working as a freelance designer and illustrator.

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