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Nathan Callahan and Bob Aul

Striking a pose, with a smirk and a wink, Nathan Callahan is not quite as slippery as those politicians he made famous and successful with his prophetic prose. And he is by no means as slippery or as annoying as that eldest Congressman, Strom Thurmond, who courted his parents and led them down the path of truth, God, and Republicanism.

As all bright children do, Callahan turned cheek and headed straight to the side opposite his parents. He now finds himself writing cheeky columns for The OCWeekly in Southern California and holding up his half of the culturally and politically subversive team of Aul & Callahan.

As the artistic half of the Aul & Callahan team of cultural and political subverts, Bob Aul is less political than you might think. It may be, however, that Orange County, Calif. has jaded Aul so convincingly that he knows not what political is anymore. And though he dares not admit it, his images are a great accompaniment for Nathan Callahan’s prose and political agenda.

With cover credits from The OCWeekly, Creative Loafing (Atlanta), San Jose Metro, Wheel and Cog, Whim, Archæopteryx Digest, and The Prevaricator, it’s clear 39-year-old Aul is not just messing about. In fact, his work ranges from computer graphics to comics to detailed paintings of transatlantic steamships that exist only in pictures.

Borrowing time from his sleeping hours and daydreaming at a bizarre customer service gig, Aul is working on a book called Start Lisping Today! or Monocles of Hitler’s Germany ... or something like that.

FrictionMagazine decided to pick the brains of it's contributors, here lies interviews with Nathan Callahan and Bob Aul. Enjoy.

Nathan Callahan would like you to email him. Bob Aul would like you to say hello to his mother.

Please, if you would, Nathan and Bob would like you to visit these websites:
OCWeekly.com (search on Nathan Callahan)

Tiger and Ralph: On the Tryanny of Organized Grass
Ralph Nader, wrapped only in a towel and staggering hopelessly from the effects of a spliff I delivered an hour before, directs me to the wet bar where a bottle of vodka has been smashed open. Apparently someone is in a mood. "I never understood your fascination with fairways and lawns," Nader says to Tiger Woods, "but you won't be a real golfer until you plug grass. Buicks and Nikes don't count."

A Benediction on the National Occasion of Flag Burning
Flag Burning Day. It began as a day of national decontamination -- a day to expel the stench of the Bush Administration. A day to end warped notions of patriotism, gaudy jingoist sound-bites, and simple-minded shoulder graphics. A day to end puritanical smugness and preemptive war.

The Pet President:
Bush: The Pet President
In these trying times, Bushy and I want to make sure that Americans know the difference between good violence and bad violence.

Comically Incorrect
Here Wabbit!

Assimilating Osama
September 11th has made Osama Bin Laden a superstar in some circles. In fact, as the Times of India reports, there are toy companies making Osama bin Laden head bobbing dolls. And these are just one of many.

9.11. It's the first anniversary Bushy. We will never forget those brave Americans who lost their lives.

Christmas Capitalism
If you're not in debt, you're in bed with Bin Laden.

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