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FrictionMagazine.com survives on your submissions be they letters, interviews, columns, articles, artwork, or fiction. Please read the following before submitting and please feel free to email us with questions or queries. You may also want to familiarize yourself with our content, style, and structure before submitting.

FrictionMagazine.com accepts submissions in the categories of politics, music, culture, literature, art, and sports. We are looking for well-written and well-thought articles, interviews, criticism, and reviews. Please keep submission under 3,000 words in all cases except fiction.

Interviews are best done in a profile format and not in question or answer. We are looking for interviews that really get the heart of what a band, artist, author, or individual is about. Try to make your questions in-depth and intriguing -- this is easiest done when you pick a good subject.

Please submit the article as a Word (or similar) attachment. Submissions are not guaranteed to be accepted for publication on FrictionMagazine.com, but all will be considered and responded to (please be patient). At this time, FrictionMagazine.com cannot pay for submissions. When we start making a little money, so will our writers. We will also consider reprinting articles appearing elsewhere as long as the author owns copyright privileges or permission is given from the publication.

If you have an idea or someone in mind that you would like to interview, feel free to email us to see what we think. We will help you in whatever way we can, be it getting you on the guest list for a show or getting you a press pass, but we will want to know what you are writing beforehand. Also, if you want to contribute but are short on ideas and inspiration, send a description of your interests, hobbies, and skills along with any writing samples you may have. We may be able to assign something to you.

FrictionMagazine.com does not accept poetry submissions.

FrictionMagazine.com needs illustrators and artists to provide art for specific stories. If you are interested in doing this, please send an email with a description of your interests, hobbies, preferred subjects, and style of art along with any samples you may have. We will let you know when something that may interest you comes in.

We are also looking for talented comic artists to provide strips in the categories of politics, sport, culture, art, literature, music, and sports. If you have an idea or something you think would fit, let us know.

FrictionMagazine.com also features up and coming artists. If you feel you've got what it takes, send or email your body of work or portfolio.

It is not guaranteed that all submissions will be published on FrictionMagazine.com, but all submissions and queries will be responded to (please be patient). At this time, FrictionMagazine.com cannot pay for submissions. When we start making money, so will our contributors.

FrictionMagazine.com is always looking for new bands and zines to review. We will review most everything that is sent our way. At this time, we are not accepting online releases for review.

A track or two from all CD releases will appear on our Internet radio station. We do not have the technology to make MP3s from vinyl, so if you would like your release on our station, send the MP3 along as well. FrictionMagazine.com does not accept demo submissions or compilation CDs with bands from only one label.

All zines and ezines will be read and their content considered for publication on FrictionMagazine.com -- with permission of course.

Send Music for Review to:
277 Luedella Ct.
Akron, OH 44310 USA

Send Zines for Review as well as Music for Interview Consideration to:
PO Box 4358
Whitefish, MT 59937 USA

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