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Postcards from Auschwitz by Brett Coker
A true story about a time I was kidnapped by a Polish taxicab driver and taken, unbeknownst to me, to a death camp museum.

Crisis in the Castle: 24 Hours on the Rhine River by Dave Demerjian
Best laid plans often turn into wish-I-never-hads when traveling. But the seemingly worse the situation, the better the story and more interesting the outcome. So was it with Dave's visit to Bachrach.

Safe Journey by Tony Soyka
An encounter with gypsies, racism, religion, and relatives in Eastern Europe leaves our author content with history and fortunate for the present.

Bizaar Desert Adventures by Dan Sarrow Photos
The report from Joshua Tree National Park, near Palm Springs, Calif., where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet for a beer.

Road to Kitsch
Resurrecting a Ghost by David Buscher
I wasn’t born until over four years after they locked Black Aggie away. By the time I was a teenager in Howard County, the statue’s legend was no longer whispered in dark rooms by giggling kids.

Drive-by Weddings by Johua E. Page
Be it hot-air balloons, tunnels, casinos, or deserts, Las Vegas is a fun and somewhat practical place to practice the institution of marriage.

In the Statue's Grip by David Buscher
Every life has some aspect of the superstitious, be it a ghost tale, urban legend, or unsolved crime. In fact, many see it as a right of passage. For all these reasons, our author set out on a quest to rediscover a graveyard statue that has haunted the Baltimore area for decades.


Movies l Tele
One Fictional Family's Final Frontier by Dean Anderson
With space declared as the final frontier in the 1970s, it was none too obvious the science fiction genre would get a boost with the public at large. 'Lost in Space,' the television series revolving around a stranded space family Robinson, was less a ploy for increasing NASA's budget than it was a plea for the perfect American family and sentiment for a time of supposed values that we were soon to loose.

Dear Santa by Craig A. Platt
Santa, you may be the luckiest one this holiday season. You get to comfort all those suffering a loss from a terrible tragedy, or those with family far away. Santa, I want to help too.

Cultural Evolution in Post-industrial Civilization by Drew Jaya
We’re at a crossroads, and this has nothing to do with the fact that Bush is President. We are at a point as a relatively free society with nothing left to rebel against that hasn’t been rebelled against by previous generations. Corporate greed, environmental catastrophe and even The Backstreet Boys are old hat. Could a lack of rebellion mean that our culture is truly becoming a melting pot where rock stars are computer programers and visa versa.


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