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Pledging allegiance: College Grads Get Guidance by Brian F. Hartz
College graduation puts more into question than what job to take. Oftentimes, a grad must decide what job is best for them and best for society. To encourage their students to maintain the social responsibility after graduation, many universities are asking them to put it in writing.

Aul & Callahan: Comically Incorrect, Bush: The Pet President

Peter Kuper: War Games, Terror, Hostility, A Little Fable, A Brief History of Education, Get Real

The Iffy-Psychology of Suicide Bombers by D.M. Yankowski
The holidays make many wish for things they cannot have, leading some to commit suicide with the weight of it all. Rather, that is what we are told to think. In reality, suicide is no more prevalent during the winter months than it is at any other time of the year. So if the holidays cannot serve as a reason for suicide, what then can? Our author speculates that we should be wary of any definitive psychological analysis ... especially in times of suicide terrorists.

New World Flight by Dave Demerjian
Flying in the new world highlights the best and worst qualities of our air traffic system, and perhaps the people who use it as well.

Of Tattered Denims by Alexander Martin Remollino
Torn jeans are often not the choice of party goers. Take heed though at those clad in the frayed garment, they may be the next Einstein, Beethoven, or Ben Franklin -- all of which chose intellect over fashion as our author does.

Playing the Drug War Game by Keith David Hamm
Illegal drugs are alleged to harm countless numbers of people here in the US, but across the border in Mexico, where the ethics and morals are a lighter shade of grey, narcotic profits not only go to drug lords and cartels but to field hands, grade schools, and hospitals. Our writer finds irony in this -- and in the fact he can't score a bag in one of the largest marijuana and opium growing regions in the world.

Losing With Class by Craig A. Platt
On those days you are happiest with yourself and your life you are likelier to become unhappy with the state of things as a whole. Our author's trek into and away from a subway spectacle are a case in point.

One Nation Under the Covers by Melissa Hostetler
Sexual politics as power and other ways white males subvert women.

Ecuador by Amanda Lodge
It’s going to be fun to go home with a new pair of eyes. At least that’s what I thought last May.

Current Events
If Manson, Why Not Hale? by Greg Bailey
A day-long, racist killing spree left three dead and more wounded several years ago. But though the case has been closed many wonder if the true culprit is Matt Hale and his World Church of the Creator.

Resource: September.11th.2001
On September.11th.2001, the US suffered what may be the worst terrorist attack in world history. Hijacked commercial airplanes were crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon killing a yet unknown number of people. In light of these events, we at FrictionMagazine bring you both our own coverage and that of the independent or alternative media. Below you will find links to comics, essays, analysis, and context in order to help you better understand the events, what brought them on, and what might happen.

Silent Genocide by Jeff Lindemyer
Though the US involvement in Desert Storm is in the past, their hand in Iraqi affairs is far from over. Since the US and UN war against Saddam Hussein, sanctions that have forced the Iraqi people into pillage, hunger, and illness despite overwhelming evidence these sanction have not and will never meet their stated goals.

Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town by Drew Jaya
Globalization rears its ugly face in other places than massive protests of meetings with the world's leaders. A far more hideous side can be seen in the spawning of chain stores in strip malls and shopping plazas across America and the world. The largest of them, Wal-Mart, has found itself as the feature of a new film, "Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town." View an exclusive interview with the writer/director of the film, and learn more about globalization through small-town eyes.

Amerika, Inc. by Melissa Hostetler
The American Dream of free enterprise and an economy free from government control has landed us in an era of corporate takeovers. It's every man for himself as corporations become the rule of law.

Wave Makers
Howard Zinn on History
Speaking from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, in April 2001, Howard Zinn delivers a speech about the importance of history. He maintains that the world of culture and history is dominated and therefore translated by those who control the textbooks, the educational system, and the mass media. When a "free market of ideas" is controlled by corporations, history can never be objective.

Revolution of Consciousness: How One Woman Is Changing Perceptions on the Legalization of Marijuana by Ken Wohlrob
Creating a battle she is more than likely to lose, Valerie Corral is taking on her state, the nation, and the drug war institution in hopes of making marijuana legal for medicinal purposes. Despite legal battles, she has redefined the drug argument and is gaining ground on the perceptual and personal levels.

The System Made Me Give This Speech by Annelise Schantz
Zinging her school's administation and Massachusetts governor Paul Cellucci, valedictorian Annelise Schantz delivered this speech at her high school graduation condemning mandatory standardized tests and the system that made her number one in numbers only. She received a standing ovation from her classmates while the administration and the governor looked on with dismay.

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